NewsWatch for the Church: Significant developments to watch for…


This article from Nov 12, 2020 shares trends to look for concerning the most important thing in today’s news: the redeemed church of the Lord Jesus Christ, the remnant. This is the key portal (lens) through which to understand what God is doing in current events. 

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There is a Watchlist following the Set up backdrop below. Use it as a prayer-summary.

Set up

The moral majority, composed of two parts, will both converge and diverge in God’s greater purpose. Ironically, the remnant church must also radically separate itself from the apostate/logical element of the logical moral majority (hereafter LMM). 

The truly redeemed remnant of the moral majority (MM) — hereafter RMM (remnant of the moral majority) can unfortunately be likened to young children, easily frightened. They are very slow to deepen and nuance their sanctification, which they must do to honor the Lord.

The LMM along with its celebrities can seem to be part of the RMM and even be apparently at times the greater force of the Trump shofar-blowing (hereafter TSB, ie = RMM + LMM viewed together as a whole) — something God will use to his advantage, though LMM is superficial and infinitely less in comparison. 

Watch List

This is a kind of prayer summary, sharing trends for the Christian to watch out for concerning how to interpret the news through the most important filter there is: The church of the Lord Jesus Christ.

So, as we look through this key portal, we’re going to press into the news rather than be afraid of it, and see what God is doing in current events. This program particularly stresses the role of the living God, and how He is bringing to pass things that have been on His calendar from eternity past.

To help with this, we are passing on a watch list, a group of watch posts to act as backdrops and portals by which to read the news and be encouraged. His truth is marching on!

[Some Hollywood celebrity voices and the like will come forward with surprising support for Trump = the values espoused by conservatives. Trump himself or his presidency are not key points but rather Trump as a shofar-blower, rooted to the biblical-based values/biblical traditions of America.]

  1. Combined with COVID-19 (which the Lord has sent to rock the world in general out of complacency), God will polarize the above two groups (RMM and LMM) while allowing them to cooperate in TSB, with RMM needing to always be totally separate in essence.
    • The TSB movement will progress dramatically and quickly, as heaven defines this.
  2. While the MM will attract and include moralistic Hollywood voices and celebrities who will make the easiest (media) impression, they do not represent the centerpiece of the movement God is doing.
    • This is sole work of the Lord, which has been on His calendar since: the founding of America with the Puritans in the early 1600s, the great awakenings in America, and even the War of Independence (1776)… etc. 
  3. The RMM will strengthen and weld together in intimate communications between each member and their teachers in the body of Christ.
    • However, they must very carefully not overtly associate with the LMM, which is radically distinct and includes apostate evangelicals. 
  4. Trump and the White House will naturally be very pleased, as they should be, with the TSB, and particularly the RMM, which must remain thoroughly distinct, even in the perception of the public. While the battle will be slow, arduous and long, it is worth every minute of it!  The progress in the above points will begin quickly, however, and with surprising strength, cascading others into activistic citizenry. Advanced citizenship will really come forward in an awakening out of a long spiritual slumber. 
  5. Black leaders in the true remnant church will increasingly galvanize with the white contingency.
  6. Trump himself will be protected during this time by the mercies of God, and the RMM will go on doing the work of God with ever-advancing fruitfulness and endurance.
    • Ironically, the imperfections of the TSB will work God’s plan out perfectly.
    • The Lord will laugh from the balconies of heaven at the puny, futile resistance of the world, which inevitably will keep retreating on the formal level. Indeed, the advocates of the Biden movement will run away from defending their cause as quickly as they pronounced loyalty to it. 
    • The resistance to TSB will indeed go on and on fiercely; but many of its significant leaders will desert the movement, lacking courage and authentic commitment, as TSB continues to gain ground, slowly but always steadily. 
    • As officials of the resistance to TSB “clear out”, “folding up their chairs” and leaving in abandon,  TSB will be known and praised for its restraint, lack of violence, and good social department — unlike the radical left, showing itself in dramatic contrast in this regard.
    • Rather than feeling the whole conflict goes on too long, it is good to remember: God is getting the most out of it, and this way, for his purpose. 
    • By it, RMM will best come out of its slumbering and best prosper in heavenly things/the things of God — like the famous anthem “His truth goes marching on”.
  7. TSB will endure and be supported by miracle after miracle from God against all probability/statistics/likelihoods in continuous conflicts.
    • The cosmos/world, however, will continue to experience ever more painful judgments from God — not the least of which is a double-down recession,
    • which is too late because the “rot in the world” is too deep and prolonged for the Trump administration to stop. 
    • The RMM however will continue to grow and strengthen, and give more and more priority to the Bible in  a Renaissance/re-discovery, which parachurch ministries like HELPS must be quick to assist.
  8. The polarized groups — the world as well as LMM  versus the RMM — will experience ever greater polarizing with its distinct effects from God, like the way God distinguished/separated the Jews in Goshen from the judgments that fell on Egypt.
    • As people in the world continue to harden their hearts/rebel against God, God will continue to harden their hearts, and they will increase their vocal persecution, condemnation and rejection of the RMM more and more. 
    • This is a moral necessity for the power of good to overcome the power of evil. 
    • The immature will want to lose patience but they should not.
    • Things will not change as quickly outwardly as they would like, but the triumphant endurance of the RMM will set them off as faith-heroes, greatly pleasing to the Lord, Who will strengthen them to “jump and leap“ as they should in his power.
    • The separation of RMM and LMM must remain dramatically and uncompromisingly distinct. 
    • The LMM is part of the great harlot of Revelation 18 and, though it supports TSB, in the final analysis, it is part and parcel of the world/cosmos. 
    • The RMM must therefore resist the short-term advantages of re-associating with the LMM at all costs.
  9. The Lord has a vision of what He requires the bride to be, blessed with innovation and stunning qualities, distinguishing herself infinitely beyond the puny impressiveness and defiance of the cosmos.
    • The RMM, while inviting all people to come to know Christ as Lord, must be hard-hitting, frank and honest about the terms of being part of RMM. 
    • This clarity and courage can never afford to be set aside so let each wear “their own hat“, unconfused and unmingled. 
    • Each group must be completely separated spiritually. This means affectionate ties and all standing connections must be discarded (dismissal of things that have to be thrown away)!
  10. The RMM will experience tremendous spiritual, divine energy, becoming much more able and agile in being God’s witnesses, growing and testifying in “full blast mode”, going beyond all previous levels to glorify the Lord as his revived bride. The members of the RMM must heartily encourage one another so as not to slow down in this incredible progress, which should only go up and up and up, without unnecessary restraint. During this time, the Lord will enable Trump to be a shofar (not a Cyrus).
  11. As Trump functions “as the ram’s horn”, summoning TSB by tweets and bold courage from his bully pulpit at the White House, the battle for religious liberty in America will be maintained — yet requiring long, strong endurance, with progress often seeming very slow for the moment. 
  12. The movement will prevail because God Himself is bringing it to pass for his glory and global plan to harvest the international RMM. The progress and renewal of the remnant of the American church will inspire Christians worldwide, reaching significantly to the Middle East, Russia and beyond. 
  13. Latinos will lead the way in fulfilling an indispensable requirement from God: acquiring significant Bible knowledge by diligently studying the word of God. The present, superficial RMM in America must, without option, become grounded in the full-scale dimensions of knowing the word of God, inspiring ministries like HELPS to commit to becoming significant digital publishing houses to meet the need. Heaven is behind this and HELPS must be one of the ones leading the way in this advance, repopularizing classical values/teachings of biblical exegesis and hermeneutics.
  14. Otherwise, the immature RMM of America, which is so easily frightened and intimidated, will wither and falter. However, if it is obedient, it will show forth divine abilities to demonstrate the presence and power of Christ in the most inspirational ways!
  15. Older leaders will experience tremendous success in lifting digital publishing houses off the ground, and will even be able to buy up publishers/publishing houses previously dominated by the LMM. So the Trump-shofar will blow without getting stopped. 


So, Trump will blow the shofar, and the two segments of TSB will converge for success, but they must diverge in keeping the real identity of the true remnant distinct.

  • The only real, accurate way of interpreting the daily news is through the prism of the church — the only authentic portal/eyepiece/lens through which to understand what is really happening. The RMM lens is indispensable, and accurately reflects the very reason America was founded and blessed by God. These truths of centuries past for America are our present to the God who always was, is and will be (Ecclesiastes 3:15: “seeking/pursuing the things that have been chased away”).
  • HELPS should lead the way in presentations with the theme, “How do you see things?”, laying out the objective realities of history and biblical truths, coming to bear in the daily news/TNT through the portal of RMM as the key eyepiece/news-lens. 
  • Church leadership, in its beginning, middle, and end, is only God‘s leading, i.e., what He leads to do, by faith following Him in his singleness/oneness/holy being. In this chaos alone, it is the leadership of the church that matters. 


  1. In this high calling, we must scrupulously avoid things that are second-best, that seem to be “enough” and have advantage and attraction, but in fact are inferior, with the good choking out the better…
  2. And refuse offers that are semi-valuable but, in the long run, work against our highest destiny. Please seek the Lord for wisdom to discern this, day by day.
  3. The RMM has been especially prone to take whatever inferior, cheap benefits come easiest, and to succumb to COVID-19 — with the effect of dictatorship, rather than the avenue of spiritual advantage the Lord intended it to be experienced as. 
  4. God will withdraw these “easy blessings“, so that the immature remnant truly prospers in what matters for eternity, while they witness significant, rapid deterioration of the American economy/Dow around them. The lesser will be exchanged for the greater, as the RMM rises to its higher privileges. 
  5. In this time of fast social and economic turmoil, the RMM will have unprecedented, divinely-enabled windows to buy up opportunities (redeem the kairos-time), especially calling upon those the Lord has given resources or affluence to, to further the efforts of what God is accomplishing in the underprivileged and common man. What seems to be dismantling of the economy and fabric of American society, will in fact re-organize things for true, eternal  prosperity in the RMM, who must quickly release the inferior (what is lesser in God’s sight) for what is superior in God’s sight.
  6. Strong, very powerful organizations that have controlled the election of politicians in America in the past will not go on getting things from the goody bag (coffers of taxes, empowering pork-barrel spending, doling out favors by the liberal establishment/bureaucracy). Their “barrel“ will empty, no longer resourced, which will contribute to the significant economic fall-off experienced in America.
    • In contrast, what appears to be likewise difficult times for the RMM will indeed leverage their coveted advancement, as God turns their tribulations into springboarding blessings. 
    • Like in the parable of the prodigal son, the RMM will stop feeding off the pig-troughs and inferior provisions that in fact are disgustingly undesirable, and should stop being consumed (cf. Lk 15:15-17). Instead, God will prosper our MM with provisions unique to their faith, obedience and walk.
    • This turnabout will be such a delight for the RMM that they will laugh at having been so easily satisfied before, with the world’s “mud pies”. This is just as C.S. Lewis once said: “Our Lord finds our desires not too strong, but too weak. We are half-hearted creatures, fooling about with drink, sex, and ambition, when infinite joy is offered us, like an ignorant child who wants to go on making mud pies in a slum because he cannot imagine what is meant by the offer of a holiday at the sea. We are far too easily pleased.”
  7. The world/cosmos/secular society will then experience continuing, advancing privation as God pulls away previous material benefits from them, while the church rejoices under the Lord of hosts, the military commander-in-chief of the armies of heaven, who will show his kingdom-dominating program more and more dramatically — all of which can only happen because of the immeasurable sacrifice of Jesus Christ at Calvary.
    • The sleepy church will be rocked into awakening in all this, and its witness must be done exclusively by faith-directed discipline and guidance so as not to mar his perfect plan (holy being).
    • Unfortunately, some in the RMM will flirt with the seductions of the enemy, and in their spiritual promiscuity will be badly hurt, yet given opportunities to miraculously recover if the repentance is decisive and quick.
  8. These upcoming events on God’s calendar will bring key shifts in wealth, resourcing the RMM and its rightful leadership, bringing precious bonding that is not cheap or based on money but, rather ironically, will be propelled by the wealth transfers.
    • Tremendous financial resourcing will come from God for his leaders: those passing the test of walking through many tribulations as his true servants and experiencing severances from LMM associations and business and family, representing significant personal sacrifices that must be made joyfully in faith.

More Exhortation

  1. We must explode the myth that the RMM can advance without taking up the cross (Lk 9:23). Its old “carefree, wrinkle-free, nonchalant” attitude must go. Catholics willing to repent of this will find their way by grace into the RMM. Let’s lead the way, setting the example for gladly embracing the covenant conditions God requires to prosper his people, and admonish and rebuke those trying to make it otherwise. We must not be slow to request/accept financial gifts for those we help in faith.
  2. Now as I have gotten along in years, I will give myself to seeking out God’s plan for me in the four-fold ministry. We are going to see a great deal of surprises from the Lord, where the first will be last and the last will be first, as his plan advances unstoppably.
  3. Those who remain on the Lord’s side and bravely defy the opposition of the enemy will prosper. They will experience increased persecution and tribulation, but also, and infinitely more importantly, increase in what the world can never take away.
  4. When the Lord repeats the statement, “I am the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, He is stressing I believe the continuity of his promises, ongoing as live, in-play edicts that will surely come to pass as He times it. We must continue to remember this in frightening times because included is the promise of delivering us into his place of promise, and overcoming all opponents that attempt to restrict us from it. 
  5. Miraculous spiritual gifts will follow our ministry, paving the way for the Lord’s people to step powerfully into his promises. This will mean dramatic moments of showing spiritual courage and risk by faith. The world will challenge us and try to put up their own corresponding miracles, but the Lord’s power through us will defeat them signally and decisively.
  6. All the while, the opposition will grow more and more hardened by their own volition, and traditionally by God, making this a long, fierce fight. Yes, people reject God’s word, but his mission is still accomplished, setting the records, and so, importantly, directing God’s people by his leading. 
  7. At times, it will be easy to doubt that we are really equipped by the Lord, but we must forge ahead fiercely, since He will uphold us in ways that are beyond our ability to ask or even think. Accordingly, we must make no deals or pacts with the other side in order to make life easier, Brokering arrangements with Satan‘s henchmen for the sake of ease or expediency would diminish our new song and reduce us to songless, worldlings, without melody. 
  8. No, a thousand times no! We will retain and ring out the new song He keeps giving us. No games, no compromises. The places that appear to be wasteland, right where He apportions us to do his battle, will issue forth his lush provisions. In all of this, we will be scrupulously careful stewards of the massive gifts and resources God puts in our hands.
  9. It will be important all along the way to help God’s people avoid running headlong into the same old problems out of fear or lack of dimensioned thinking and praying. Let us soberly minister to them in the Word and spiritual gifts. There will be times when we will be defamed in the process, but we will meet such accusations head on, and be vindicated. And, as we do so, the Lord will catapult us into greater and greater outreach in the most spectacular, influential ways.
  10. Be assured, those who are supposed to will indeed take us seriously. All will come together as God has fore-planned it. Things, like Trump remaining unseated, will unstoppably come out the way they are supposed to, against all earthly odds. 
  11. TSB will certainly prevail, and we will be sought out and interviewed to help it move along. All we have to do is not get in the way and cooperate and it will work out even better than we could have planned it. 
  12. Undue blood can easily be spilt in this confrontation, so we must claim and appropriate God’s protection to keep us safe and those with us.
  13. On this pilgrimage, the Lord will direct us to avoid overstaying where He is not appreciated, or where people would muzzle or unduly restrict us.
  14. They can’t even embarrass and disgrace us (which is not in his will for us to simply tolerate). 
  15. Where people give us nothing, let us migrate out to God’s everything. We will experience earthly disappointments and get left out — as earth would look at it. Those who are not heartily for us but should be, and could be significantly, must be left behind. 
  16. In their place, the most wonderfully willing, heavenly-enabled servants will come to us. By faith, God will require us to “fill in the blanks“ with symbibazo (Acts 16:10), sensing and interpreting revelation by faith in ways we cannot prove to others but know are true.